Florida’s 2015 Legislative Session Begins in One Week
We CanFirst off, thanks for all the amazing work you’re doing – we’re seeing undeniable momentum as our coalition to protect LGBT Floridians from discrimination grows stronger every day. 
Over the weekend, volunteers got involved all across Florida during our Statewide Day of Action; it was awesome.  Now, we’re coming up on an important milestone: The first day of Florida’s 2015 legislative session is exactly one week away. 
Take a minute right now to email your legislators and tell them you support protecting gay and transgender Floridians from discrimination.

This effort is made up of people like you who agree that protecting LGBT people from discrimination is not only the right thing to do, it’s also essential to the continued success of our state. Many of Florida’s largest employers support the Competitive Workforce Act, because it will help them recruit and retain the best employees.  
Now, with the start of the legislative session just a week away, we need to be sure that legislators are aware of the broad grassroots support for this important piece of legislation. 
The enthusiasm has been incredible, but there is quite a bit more work to do to make the Competitive Workforce Act a reality. 
Thanks for all your help.