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Bipartisan effort again behind LGBTQ discrimination bill
October 16, 2017
Editorial: While Trump tweets, rights and protections are being eroded
October 10, 2017
Even With Clarification, Transgender Troops Still Face an Unclear Future
September 6, 2017
Jeff Sessions is making a mess in states like Florida that lack LGBT employment protections
August 25, 2017
TX Business Community Celebrates Defeat of Economically Damaging Anti-LGBT Bills
August 16, 2017
Editorial: Past time for Scott to honor vow to act against LGBT discrimination
July 14, 2017
Sine Die: 2017 Legislative Session Marked By Record Bipartisan Support for LGBT Non-Discrimination
May 8, 2017
Florida LGBT rights push reflects changing times
May 2, 2017
Business Leaders Make the Case to Lawmakers About the Economic Benefits of LGBT Non-Discrimination Protections
March 22, 2017
Record Bipartisan Support for Florida Competitive Workforce Act Signals Timeliness of Legislation
March 22, 2017
New Study Shows FCWA Could Add Billions in Economic Output & Thousands of Jobs to Florida Economy
March 13, 2017
Study Shows Anti-Discrimination Law Will Improve Economy In Florida
March 13, 2017
Business Coalition, SWFL Reps Back Bill on LGBT Workplace Protections
March 6, 2017
Bipartisan Support for Non-discrimination Grows As 36 Republicans & Democrats Co-Sponsor FCWA
March 3, 2017
36 Co-Sponsors Support the Florida Competitive Workforce Act
March 3, 2017
Florida Competitive Workforce Act now has 36 co-sponsors
March 3, 2017
Jacksonville Becomes the Latest Florida City to Pass a Comprehensive Human Rights Ordinance
February 15, 2017
Lawmakers Introduce Florida Competitive Workforce Act for Consideration During the 2017 Session
February 2, 2017
Coalition of Florida Businesses Applauds Filing of Florida Competitive Workforce Act Legislation
February 2, 2017
Competitive Workforce Act filed once again in Legislature
February 2, 2017
Florida Mayors Are Strong Contingency in New National Coalition Aiming to Promote LGBT Non-Discrimination Protections
January 26, 2017

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