Don’t Let Lawmakers Adjourn Without Hearing The Competitive Workforce Act!

Thousands and thousands of Floridians have called on Florida lawmakers to take decisive action to protect LGBT people in our state from discrimination.

It’s a simple message, but our lawmakers just don’t seem to be listening. With just 17 days left before the legislative session ends, this critical bill still hasn’t made it on the agenda. We have to make them listen—now.

Call your State Senator and tell them the Competitive Workforce Act deserves a hearing this session. Click here to use our click to call tool, and we’ll connect you directly with their office.

Today, the Orlando Sentinel wrote, “Florida’s leaders should stop paddling against the current of history.” Quoting a letter we sent to lawmakers, the Sentinel added, “The time is now for Florida to roll out the welcome mat to everyone who wants to work, live and play here.”

With the end of the legislative session just 17 days away, now IS the time. Soon it will be too late.

We’ve come a long way and accomplished too much to give up now and let the legislature adjourn without even discussing our bill.

Take a moment right now and make the call to your State Senator – our lawmakers need to hear from you that you support this law and ask that it be discussed this year.

By next week, it could be too late, so don’t wait.

The bill has unprecedented support, and the legislature should hear why so many people are pushing for passage of the Competitive Workforce Act.