Federal LGBT Equality Bill Highlights Need for Updated Laws

As the work continues to bring statewide non-discrimination protections to the Sunshine State, there is new attention to this issue at the national level. The “LGBT Equality Bill” introduced in Washington, D.C. today brings increased urgency to our work here in Florida.

We know that everyday Floridians can’t wait for Congress to act on this important issue, and that’s why we’re committed to passing the Florida Competitive Workforce Act (FCWA) in the State Legislature as soon as possible. This bill would protect LGBT people from discrimination in every part of our state, and bring state policy in line with Fortune 500 employers — dozens of which are backing the bill. You can see the full list of major Florida companies who support updating our state’s non-discrimination laws here.

We are dedicated to passing the Florida Competitive Workforce Act FCWA and bringing non-discrimination protections to every person in Florida as soon as possible.

We have seen momentum on this issue as more municipalities in Florida have passed local ordinances prohibiting discrimination. Earlier this month, Delray Beach became the latest in a growing list of Florida towns and counties that protect LGBT from discrimination. You can read more about that here.

There’s momentum at the local and federal level, but the quickest most effective way to protect LGBT Floridians is still to pass the FCWA immediately! If you want to help, add your name to our pledge today!