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As we prepare for the weeks ahead, we need to get ready to activate a statewide network of pro-fairness Floridians who are ready to act—and ready to make history in 2015.

Sign up today for our Statewide Action Team, and join hundreds of Floridians who are taking action to win LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination protections this year.

Statewide Action TeamWhether you can help by making phone calls, identifying businesses in your community that support fairness, or just talking with your friends and family about the Florida Competitive Workforce Act, your help can make a big difference.

This is a unique campaign—and we have an incredible opportunity to bring together a broad coalition of Floridians united in our common belief in fairness. And we’re already gaining steam around the state, one conversation at a time.

We’re excited to have you as a supporter, and we hope you’ll stay involved in the coming weeks—that’s what will propel this campaign to victory.

If we can count on you to volunteer as this campaign heats up, join our Statewide Action Team now!

With supporters like you, this will be the year we update Florida’s non-discrimination laws to protect gay and transgender people.