Put us on the agenda!

Can't WaitOver the past few months, hundreds of Florida businesses large and small, and thousands of Floridians like you have stood up in support of the Florida Competitive Workforce Act.
It’s not surprising that so many people are coming together to support this legislation, which would protect LGBT Floridians from discrimination and help our state’s economy. What’s surprising is that, so far, this bill hasn’t been scheduled for a hearing in any committee in the legislature.

Click here to email your legislators right now and tell them that you strongly support this legislation and want to see it discussed during this legislative session.   

No matter where legislators stand on this bill, this important issue deserves to be discussed.
We’re as committed as ever to making sure this bill is passed in 2015 and ensuring that every hardworking Floridian is protected from discrimination, but we can’t do that without your support.
Please, take a moment right now to email your lawmakers and let them know you support HB 33/SB 156, the Competitive Workforce Act.
It won’t take long, but it will have a big impact on your lawmakers, who need to hear that their constituents support this important legislation.
The energy we’re seeing for this proposal has been incredible, but now we need to make sure that grassroots support translates into action in Tallahassee.