“Thank You!” to Florida Realtors® for Supporting Fair Housing, Non-Discrimination Law

As realtors and real estate leaders from around Florida and the country gather in Tallahassee for this year’s annual Great American Realtors Days today and tomorrow, Florida Competes celebrates the support of Florida Realtors®, who have been steadfast in their support of the Competitive Workforce Act.
FL_Realtor_TW1We are thrilled to have Florida Realtors®, the state’s largest trade association, as a coalition partner,” said Patrick Slevin, Florida Competes campaign manager. “Their advocacy for fair-housing and property rights aligns with the coalition’s efforts to update the Civil Rights Act of 1992.”

“Florida Realtors® is pleased to support the Competitive Workforce Act to ensure everyone has an opportunity to realize the American dream of homeownership,” said Bill Martin, CEO of Florida Realtors®. “Our beautiful state has so much to offer to those who choose to make Florida their home.”

We all know Florida is a wonderful place to live and do business, however, there is one vital thing we can do to improve our state and continue to grow our economy is make it clear – through updating our state’s non-discrimination laws – that all hardworking people and families are welcome in the sunshine state.

2015’s LGBT Home Buyer & Seller Survey found that among LGBT American families, living in a state with non-discrimination protections was very important, second only to living in a place where their families were safe from crime. Overall, a full three in four respondents said that living in a state with non-discrimination protections was “very important” in their decision where to buy a home.

With Florida’s great weather, excellent business climate, and ample other benefits, there are myriad reasons why anyone would want to call the Sunshine State “home.” However, no one should have to live in fear of being discriminated against – fired from their job or kicked out of their house – simply because they are LGBT. Fixing this gap in Florida’s non-discrimination protections is vital to the continued growth of our economy – and it’s in keeping with our Floridian and American values of treating our neighbors as we’d like to be treated.

Florida Realtors, the state’s top employers, and tens of thousands of Floridians agree: In 2016, we must update our state’s non-discrimination laws to protect LGBT Floridians.  

To add yours to the chorus of voices calling on the legislature to pass the Competitive Workforce Act and update Florida’s non-discrimination laws, click here to sign our petition now.