There’s a lot more to do.

progressfbFriday’s ruling from the United State’s Supreme Court is wonderful, historic news. Soon, loving, committed same-sex couples in all 50 states will enjoy the freedom to marry.

But, let’s be clear: As long as LGBT Floridians can still be fired from their jobs or evicted from their homes simply because of who they are, we have much work left to do.

Click here to remind your legislators that LGBT Floridians deserve protection from discrimination.

Across our state, 29 municipalities have implemented policies to protect all people from discrimination–now is the time for the Competitive Workforce Act, a full, statewide non-discrimination law.

Last legislative session, with your support, we garnered a record number of bipartisan co-sponsors for this critical legislation.

Now, in light of this historic decision from the Supreme Court, let’s remind our lawmakers that they should pass this bill this year.

Use our contact your legislator tool right now to let your lawmakers you support protecting ALL Floridians from discrimination.

Our campaign is stronger than ever, with new businesses and groups joining our coalition each week.

Now we need your help to keep this important issue in front of Florida’s lawmakers.

Friday was a great day in the history of the fight for freedom and liberty for LGBT people, and with your support we can ensure there are more days like this ahead.