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Jacksonville Becomes the Latest Florida City to Pass a Comprehensive Human Rights Ordinance
February 15, 2017
Lawmakers Introduce Florida Competitive Workforce Act for Consideration During the 2017 Session
February 2, 2017
Coalition of Florida Businesses Applauds Filing of Florida Competitive Workforce Act Legislation
February 2, 2017
Florida Mayors Are Strong Contingency in New National Coalition Aiming to Promote LGBT Non-Discrimination Protections
January 26, 2017
Florida’s Largest Employers Know LGBT Non-Discrimination Protections Are Key to Growth
December 30, 2016
Florida Competes: The New Face of Businesses for LGBT Non-discrimination
December 13, 2016
Florida Competes Member Businesses Receive Perfect Scores on LGBT Inclusivity
December 8, 2016
Republican Governor of North Carolina is Defeated at the Polls After Campaign Mired in Controversy around Anti-LGBT Law
December 5, 2016
Florida Blue Named a Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality
December 5, 2016
Florida’s Business Community Celebrates the Election of GOP Co-Sponsors of the FCWA
November 10, 2016
Florida Cities Make Big Strides on LGBT-Inclusion, Says Annual Municipal Equality Index
October 17, 2016
Elections 2016: Lawmakers Pressed To Protect LGBT Workers
October 13, 2016
Florida State Senator Anitere Flores Reaffirms Support for Laws Protecting LGBT from Discrimination, Pledges to Cosponsor Legislation in 2017
October 12, 2016
State Senator Anitere Flores and Other GOP Leaders Make a Clear Commitment to LGBT Equality Statewide
October 12, 2016
Growing U.S. Majority Agrees: Transgender Americans Deserve Equal Treatment on the Job and in Public Accommodations
October 11, 2016
Big Win for Equality: ACC Announces Orlando as the New Host Site for This Year’s Football Championship
September 29, 2016
ACC chooses Orlando to host football championship
September 29, 2016
ACC should bring its championship football game to Orlando — the City Equitable
September 14, 2016
Central Florida eyes NCAA championship events lost by North Carolina
September 13, 2016
Non-Discrimination Laws Make U.S. States More Innovative
August 17, 2016
In a Powerful Editorial, the Orlando Sentinel Calls on Lawmakers to Act and Pass LGBT Protections
August 8, 2016

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